World-Class Transportation Management Services

Local, regional or national transportation services utilizing our Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Focusing on your role in your business should be a top priority. At TH Logistics, our focus is to help you stay focused on your priorities while we work diligently to improve your supply chain process through our world-class transportation management services. Our team specializes in delivering nationwide transportation management services that can help you maximize your supply chain investments. We take a customized approach to ensure that your team is provided a variety of supply chain solutions to help you reach your goals. 


We pride ourselves on our role in providing transportation services to various clients and industries across the country.

TH Logistics offers:

  • A consultative approach
  • Transportation management systems
  • Vendor management
  • Freight billing
  • Reporting
  • Ground transportation
  • Local, regional, national service

Let our team walk you through your transportation needs from start to finish. Our advanced management systems allow us to help you plan out your processes, receive top-notch reporting, and gain transparency across your supply chain. Our network of ground transportation trucking providers can deliver around the clock and our tracking software offers up-to-date reporting for shipment or freight tracking.

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