Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging For Brands

Packaging and fulfillment services by a dedicated team of experts

Contract Packaging

The packaging of your product is essentially the face of your brand. It should be attractive, self-explanatory, recognizable, and convey trust to consumers. The packaging process takes a great deal of time, special equipment, and staff. For this reason, many companies outsource their packaging process by using a contract packaging company. Also known as a co-packer, our experts specialize in working with all the complexities of a company’s packaging needs. 

This type of fulfillment service is capable of handling very simple requests, such as placing a label on a product to very complex requests such as handling the entire packaging of the product from start to finish. The use of a co-packer is advantageous because we have the in-house tools to help clients with every stage of the packing process. 

The use of contract packaging allows even the smallest of companies access to the best packaging designs, materials, and assembly. 

For the convenience of our clients, we offer contract packaging at one of our network locations or even at your facility using our mobile staff and systems. 

Contract Packaging At A Glance

Our Contract Packaging Services include the following:

  • Kitting & assembly
  • Display building
  • Bundling
  • Case forming
  • Multipacks
  • Fulfillment house
  • Pick & Pack
  • Pallet wraps
  • Shrink wrap
  • Just-in-time packaging
  • Temperature controlled
  • Isolated production rooms

We utilize cloud-based software with EDI to facilitate estimating and quoting as well as the production management of packaging. This cloud-based tool for co-packing operations enhances tracking and reporting capabilities. 

It consolidates information and replaces multiple spreadsheets, extending benefits across our client base:

  • Real-time visibility, with instant access and metrics
  • Better traceability, with one-click recall, compliance and search
  • Seamless client integration, with direct access and interface via EDI
  • Improved ROI, with rapid impact on the bottom line

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Contract Packaging
The packaging of your product is face of your brand. It should be attractive, recognizable, and convey trust to consumers.
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